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MYJadual is a website dedicated to display Malaysian public transport schedule. We hope our project will bring you as much benefit as possible.

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MYJadual ialah sebuah laman web yang memaparkan maklumat perjalanan bagi pengangkutan awam di Malaysia.

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It all started in April 2010 as LANDASAN (www.landasan.info). The website was originally for rail transport users only, however, it has expanded into providing transport information for various modes of transport in Malaysia.

MYJadual has been established on 16 Disember 2015. The idea was conceived in response to the need to have a dedicated website for commuters to view public transport schedule by stations/stops as well as their respective operational information, such as phone number and opening hours.

Most of the contents were originally from LANDASAN. In 2015, LANDASAN was restructured to deliver more information suitable for public transport fans and enthusiasts in Malay language.

MYJadual is now focusing on providing the public transport schedule for the visitors.