Alor Setar Bus Terminal

Alor Setar Bus Terminal is an express bus terminal located at Shahab Perdana, Alor Setar, Kedah.

Station Information

Alor Setar
Coordinates6.140734, 100.353961
CityAlor Setar, Kedah
AddressShahab Perdana, Alor Setar, Kedah

Express Bus Schedule

The table below shows the express bus schedule for this station.

9:00 AMCosmic ExpressKuala Lumpur (TBS)
10:00 AMTransnasionalPutrajaya
10:30 AMTransnasionalPutrajaya
10:30 AMSani ExpressKuala Lumpur (Hentian Duta)
10:30 AMSani ExpressKuala Lumpur (TBS)
10:30 AMSani ExpressShah Alam
10:30 AMSani ExpressKajang
11:00 AMCosmic ExpressPutrajaya
11:00 AMCosmic ExpressKuala Lumpur (TBS)
12:30 PMTransnasionalPutrajaya
1:00 PMCosmic ExpressKuala Lumpur (TBS)
1:30 PMPluslinerPutrajaya
2:30 PMTrans MVS ExpressPutrajaya
3:00 PMCosmic ExpressKuala Lumpur (TBS)
6:00 PMCosmic ExpressKuala Lumpur (TBS)
9:00 PMTransnasionalPutrajaya
10:30 PMPluslinerPutrajaya
10:30 PMEkspres MutiaraPutrajaya
11:00 PMJasmine ExpressPutrajaya
11:00 PMCosmic ExpressPutrajaya
11:00 PMCosmic ExpressKuala Lumpur (TBS)
11:30 PMSri MajuPutrajaya
11:30 PMTrans MVS ExpressPutrajaya
11:30 PMSani ExpressKuala Lumpur (Hentian Duta)
11:30 PMSani ExpressKuala Lumpur (TBS)
11:30 PMSani ExpressShah Alam
11:30 PMSani ExpressKajang
11:45 PMTrans MVS ExpressPutrajaya
11:45 PMCosmic ExpressKuala Lumpur (TBS)
11:55 PMCosmic ExpressKuala Lumpur (TBS)
11:59 PMTransnasionalPutrajaya
11:59 PMCosmic ExpressKuala Lumpur (TBS)